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  aziendaAGREX spa
In almost 50 years of business, AGREX Spa has become a leading name on both the domestic and international market and is, as always, committed to the constant pursuit of ever-improved standards of quality and added value for its products.

A policy of continuous investment into technology and human resources to assure customers the very latest services definitively makes Agrex a company geared towards the future.



Truly different, unique mills
ft_moliniAdd a generous helping of research and creativity to experience, and what you get is ideas that defy convention and innovate, with inspired results. AGREX milling plants are a fine example in this regard. Simple, functional, compact and horizontal, they make an extraordinary alternative to the traditional colossal proportions of classic vertical mills, Synonymous with streamlined dimensions, they can even be installed in existing buildings that have not been adapted for their purpose, making them an ideal solution for meeting the needs of small communities, or for limited niche production of organic foodstuffs.

AGREX milling plants actually measure from 20 to 200 square metres, and no more than 7.5 metres in height. They are installed on a single floor, and all you need to do then is connect them to the appropriate electricity and water supplies. Assembly, testing and startup are all performed by AGREX engineers in a matter of a few days. With their enviable production potential, which varies from 7 to 150 tonnes of grain ground in 24 hours, depending on the model, our mills can be installed as part of a multi-line so that various kinds of flour can be obtained at the same time, optimizing production requirements.

Farming equipment for diy enthusiasts and professionals


Versatile, produced in an extensive range of versions for all demands, AGREX farming equipment is renowned for its reliability, safety, functionality and high quality of materials and finishes.

The universal grinders, AGREX's longstanding products, will appeal to small and medium-sized farms and can grind different kinds of cereals at a rate of between 50 and 50,000 kg an hour. Available in versions to be plugged into the mains or attached to the tractor's power takeoff, they process fine animal meal as well as medium and coarse grits.

Simple and efficient AGREX spreaders are built to spread fertilizers, in granular or powder form, though they can also be used for sowing and, with the addition of special accessories, for spreading salt and sand.

Other top-sellers are feed mixers, concrete mixers, which can also be used for building needs, and grain dryers. The latter, innovative machines featuring advanced hydraulic devices, are reliable, safe and can assure better treatment of the grain and attractive energy savings. Attached to the tractor's power takeoff and/or with an electric motor, all dryers come complete with brakes and road lights for road travel.



 Aree d'impegnoConsultancy and design
AGREX is synonymous with cutting-edge technical solutions that offer customers unrivalled efficiency and quality. Strong values that the company pursues with continuous investments into R & D, including development of human resources. The results of all these efforts are unfailingly innovative design, consistently optimized performance, painstakingly tailored plants and the production of user guides, servicing and spare parts manuals that make reference easy and won’t let you down.

AGREX certified production
All AGREX production processes are performed in house, where expert, qualified workers manage hi-tech systems and equipment. The whole cycle has been designed to assure total control of the whole process from design to final inspection.

High quality
When you chose an AGREX product, rest assured it has been manufactured using only reliable, CE-certified materials, carefully selected from the best suppliers. AGREX excellence is further confirmed by its in-house quality testing prior to delivery, by flawless installation of the plant to design specifications, and accurate servicing and management of customer support services.

Automated by choice
AGREX has decided to make its mills even easier to use by applying sophisticated automation processes. Stable and reliable, AGREX automatisms boast hi-tech components supported by communication networks for control of the PLC and all peripheral units within a 600-metre range. Teleservice and Internet-based customer support services will soon be available, exploiting the latest generation of IT supports.


Quick, safe dispatch
The smooth running of shipments is a daily concern for AGREX. All our machines are designed for ease of disassembly so that they take up as little space as possible when stowed, whilst packaging has been conceived to ensure parts reach their destination intact, even when they have to be transferred from one means to another or are subjected to lengthy layovers. AGREX’s logistics department also boasts supreme organization, ensuring that shipments are made quickly and safely around the world.

 Installation and testing
The essential simplicity of AGREX farming equipments design concepts is a source of pride and means customers can handle assembly themselves. Nonetheless, the company’s staff will be more than willing to answer your queries and solve any problems you might have.

AGREX technical personnel specialized in mechanical and electrical assembly take just a few days to install the mills. Once the plant has been tested, our engineers provide the user’s personnel with suitable training on how to operate the system and service it properly..

Customer support
One of the finest products of the AGREX philosophy - our customer support centre - is always ready and willing to meet customer needs: advice on various problems, suggestions on how to increase productivity and reliability of systems, a veritable first-aid task force for prompt and effective action on site.

Parts: what you need, when you need it
AGREX has set up a modern, well-organized spare parts division that successfully optimizes supplies based on promptness and efficiency. We make sure we meet our promise of always having spare parts in stock, employing management software that keeps an up-to-the-minute account of inventory.

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