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AGREX is a dynamic, growing company that believes in developing human resources: the cornerstone on which the company’s growth and development is based. This is why we invest in ongoing training and refresher courses for our team, assuring professional growth and improved skills.
AGREX’s presence in a constantly evolving global market is a promising starting point for anybody wanting to put their professional capabilities to the test on a daily basis, dealing with markets and companies from all over the world.

AGREX is looking for new personnel, and is particularly interested in young, motivated candidates determined to grow professionally. Other essential characteristics are relational skills and team spirit.New recruits will benefit from on-the-job training in addition to specific training courses, enabling them to achieve highly qualified skills. In addition, we determine possible areas towards which development should be steered, in line with the company’s current and future needs, based on the individual’s apparent capabilities, aptitudes and interests.

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